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Rubik Glitched – Experiment

Date: 07/2016

As part of the Digital Culture Class i experimented with glitching different digital file formats. For me the OTF-Format was the most interesting to play with. The outcome of my experiments was very different. Sometimes the Font was still legible and sometimes it was totally destroyed. So i got the idea to have a glitch font with two or three styles that vary in legibility. I decided to use the Font Rubik which is published under the Open Font License (OFL).


  • moderat
  • kaputt
  • zerstoert


  1. Hexplode the original file of the rubik font in different ways.
  2. Search for glitches and collect them.
  3. Curate the glitched characters to three different fonts that vary in legibility (i always tried to pick the most extreme and interesting glitches).
  4. Create new fonts/styles from the glitched characters with the App Glyphs (a lot of copy and paste...).
  5. Exporting... Converting to Woff... Put them on the Webpage... Done!

Check out my Glitch Tumblr to see the process and other glitch-experiments.

This project was accomplished during the Master Program at the Visual Communication Institute / The Basel School of Design, HGK FHNW Basel.